Frameless glass solution

Frameless glass is associated with elegance and class with its “all glass“ feel and have long been a popular design element. The main advantages are to achieve an open airy space, improve light flow, unobstructed view and can be both a space saver and use to define space.

Frameless glass are constructed with architectural glass, a strong and durable with 5 times stronger than normal glass ensuring that it is a safe option to use. A frameless glass is custom cut for a perfect fit. Plus, multiple glass wall panels can be notched together to create nearly any wall size.
Frameless glass can be ordered in a variety of styles and design on the glass panels. Style options include various sandblasting, textures, tints, frosts, patterns and unlimited choice of back-painted colors.

Glass may look upscale, but it’s also a practical choice. It’s easy to clean and maintain with just soap and water or a solution of vinegar and water.


Textured partition for office reception.

(WL-C 005) Red glass wall offer a special dining ambiance



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