Designing With Architectural Decorative Glass

“Perfect solution for providing views or privacy, opening up any space, encourages flow of natural light to come within, to create a sense of openness and merge well with the surroundings”

Today, thanks to the advance technology in glass that offers various performance driven glass as well as many decorative styles treatment on glass. Thus, architects and designers now have more design versatility options to create an inviting environment.
Decorative glass offers custom creation of unique one-of- a-kind design for both interior and exterior glazing applications. Decorative glass can dramatically change the feel of a given space.

The broadest range of decorative glass products is available for the widest array of applications possible. Size of glass is not an obstacle and can meet virtually with any design theme. Safety and impact resistance performance glass such as laminated glass, tempered glass and thick monolithic glass are predominantly used.

Decorative treatment such as silk screen, digital print images, colors, patterns, laminate, sandblast, 3D etch, texture, kiln formed, ceramic frit, leaded art, stained art glass, antique mirror all can be produced onto glass with various level of translucency and light transmission together to match any design style requirements.

Decorative glass use for exterior applications are mostly architectural glass where as in interior applications, decorative glass can stand alone as a true decoration or be incorporated into a functional glass wall or glass railing.
With so many different decorative glass applications to meeting a particular function, style or performance, the beauty of glass can now be in every place and space.

We design and manufacture of decorative glass and mirrors by creating a wide range of contemporary and traditional art designs that will add ‘wow’ factor. You can express individuality with elegant, nostalgic, rich, unique, classy, inspirational, and/or impressive through art glass.


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