” Glass toilet – hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to scratch “


Glass Toilet partitions & cubicles are the latest trends in washroom interiors for modern. The cubicle glass systems are stylish and contemporary and glass is a desirable material, hygienically, easy to clean and resistant to scratch.

Glass toilet and washroom cubicle stunning look that is stylish with  color  glass or  and ceramic frit panels which allow for complete privacy  makes it the perfect choice for exclusive hotels, health clubs, restaurants and boutique establishments.

We provide a range of contemporary and sleek architectural custom made glass partitioning system range that includes glass shower screens, changing rooms glass cubicles and glass toilet cubicles for both single or multi cubicle units.
Cubicle Glass
– 8mm or 10mm Toughened Glass
– Laminated Glass Cubicles with Colour or Fabric Interlayers
– Textured Glass in the form of Sandblasted Glass, Etched Glass & Ceramic Frit Glass
– Tinted glass, wide choices of coloured glass options available.


– Stainless steel and stainless steel effect fittings.
– Dampened hinges.
– Adjustable pedestal legs.
– Glass suspended from headrail.
– Spring loaded polished stainless steel lock.
– Minimalist metalwork for frameless glass cubicle doors.
– Powder coating and a variety of metal finishes available.

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