” Add lights, create illusion & decorative elements”

Mirror is an ever love decorative elements used to enlarge and brighten space and as decorative style that adds light with its reflections and creating ambiance.

Wall mirror is an excellent and affordable way to open up and add ceilings heights to any room. Dcorative mirror can be both functional and an art to any wall.

Our specialist expertise are often sought after for setting and custom cut   feature mirror walls and ceilings. Decorative and shaped mirror with bevelling are put up in puzzle shape for a starburst look. Full template is used for cut out for sockets and lighting points for the perfect fit. Wood backing are often required for eveness in refections and for extra big mirrors.

We offer all kinds of custom made mirror products :

  • Custom mirror
  • Decorative mirror
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Mirror wall, mirror ceiling
  • Decorative frame mirror
  • Wardrobes mirror
  • Door Mirror