” Glass with functions “

Glass furniture offer an innovative solution that isn’t just versatile, it’s also great to look at. The glass components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines and maximize the items being displayed. It is ideal for home ,office shelving, retail interiors, shops, showrooms, exhibitions, tradeshows, point of sale and lots more.

Types of Glass Furniture we offer :

  • Glass Shelving
  • Glass Show Cases
  • Glass Cabinet Door
  • Glass Display Cabinets
  • Bonded Mirror
  • Glass Coffee Table
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Glass Counter Top
  • Glass Lazy Susan

Bonding Glass Furniture
We use the process of bonding glass furniture using adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light .
Single component adhesives achieve their final hardness through the exposure of UV light
(ray spectrum 315 – 400nm). The finished bond is crystal clear or highly transparent. The
special advantage of these adhesives is their easy and clean application as well as extremely
short curing times and high stability. Using UV adhesives, the finished bond is crystal clear in
appearance, with the bond being stronger than the glass itself.

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