” Glass Etching | Sandcarving | Sandblasting “

Designed glass is used to brighten, enlarge, and beautify your home. We specialise in a number of decorative design methods on glass or mirrors such as acid etching, sandblasting, gilding, tinting, painting and vinyl lettering.

We can regular etch (clear background) or reverse etch (frosted background) and sized to fit your glass. Sometime shading techniques are used to gives the design a softer three dimensional effect.

We are able to work from our customers own art work as well as designing and creating our own.

We utilize the latest in computer design and automated machinery, as well as traditional hand cut methods to re-produce original panels.

Some common glass sandblast /etching applications:

Architectural products – windows, partitions, doors or entryways in homes,
restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and commercial buildings.

Interior decoration products – cabinet doors, table tops dining tables to end
tables, windows, doors, room dividers, booth dividers in restaurants, bath screen, etc.

Awards, corporate gifts and promotional products – glassware products like
glass award, glass sculptures and glass blanks especially created for the purpose
of recognizing achievement or expressing appreciation.

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