” Beautiful, Elegant, Unique, Classy, Inspirational, Sense Of Personal Bliss…”

Stained glass gives you just the right amount of sunlight and all the privacy you would expect from drapes or curtains. Stained glass spills uniquely fascinating patterns of colors and textures onto ceilings and walls and they can be used in many parts of your home.

Some people are keen on having stained glass panels at the entrance door, fixed panel windows, partitions, skylights they definitely ensure home privacy, and are often taken as a proof of great taste.

Stained glass panels are a unique way to add style and color to any room in your home and can be placed anywhere that a regular window pane mounts.

Beautiful decorative designs can be elegant, nostalgic, rich, unique, classy, inspirational, and/or impressive can be well matched with both classical and modern home design.

Geometrical patterns, flowers, animals, non-figurative elements of diverse range can be integrated in the making of the stained glass.

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