Beautiful Glass Flooring

Why do you need a glass floor?

Glass floors are made out of multi layer glass, the top layer is tempered for impact resistance and is bonded with a heat-strengthened bottom layer glass. The walking surface is treated permanently with slip resistant coating.

You can design the glass floor with transparent or translucent glass. With LED lighting , floors can dramatically highlight the ambiance of your space.



Enjoy a view at your feet.


glass floor
Walk on the glass floor with fishes swimming at your feet.
glass floor
Pebble ponds can be seen clearly as you walk on glass floor


Enlighten your interior with more light passing through between the floors.
glass floor
A patterned glass floor
glass floor
Glass floor seen from below



Decorative floor and ceiling.
Bamboo design glass floor
A floor design that matches the glass wall
Glass ceiling
Glass floor became glass ceiling